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Phoenix Spray On Bed Liners,
we didn’t invent bed liners, we just Perfected them!

Safeguard Your Vehicle’s Bed from Rust, Corrosion & Other Damages

Street Image Truck & Auto Accessories in Rapid City, SD offers spray-on bed-liners and protective coating services for automotive, industrial, commercial and residential applications. This is the perfect solution to overcome the rust, abrasion and wear and tear your pickup bed has to withstand.

We can add Spray on protective coatings to any powder coated finishes, painted finishes and bare metal finishes.

  •  Fast cure time
  • Excellent bonding adhesion
  • Water-tight coating
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Anti-skid and anti-slip
  • Color matching is available
  • Numerous applications for truck, industrial, commercial and residential

The brand has changed but the quality of the product and the installation process has not, try the Phoenix brand of bedliners today and experience the quality of the product for yourself.

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